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Oct 24   Hi god This message was received via SMS text
Oct 24   Jesus please help me. Amen
Oct 24   Dear God in Jesus name please please help me and guide me to be calm and peaceful and please dont let me suffer pain and sadness
Oct 24   God please give thw best health and wealth to me and my family and my parents .Thanks
Oct 24   God please ask Pallavi to love me.
Oct 24   Dear God please have mercy on my child help him and take out from trauma. Give him masters degree and job.
Oct 24   Heyy god This message was received via SMS text
Oct 24   I wish i get a good health all my test comes out negative and good.
Oct 24   I wish you will suffer like a hell for all your bad deeds god will soon destroy wish soon you are no believe in god.
Oct 24   I wish all my enemies were dead and all my disease were finally im happy.
Oct 24   Make her realize she ll get spoiled if she talked to me This message was received via SMS text
Oct 24   Hey God Been awhile. Looks like manifesting her downfall worked can you let meactually talk to her now Thanks This message was received via SMS text
Oct 24   Lord Wag ako madamay sa reklamo ni sir o Lord wag mangyari ung mga iniisip ko na negative Lord mapahiram ako ni Jeremy walang mangyari masama sa bahay namin
Oct 24   Lord wala gwing masama si sonny sir o Mike raven and Brian Lord wala PO sanang issue si sir o sa hr Lord ayaw ko na po magsugal Lord wag ako ma demanda
Oct 24   Lord wag mag sumbong si Stephanie and Pao Lord wala PO sanang masamang nagyayari Lord wala PO sanang issue Lord wag ako ma debt shamming Lord wala maningil
Oct 24   Lord magkapera po Sana ako Lord makabayad ako ng utang Lord please make miracle Lord sorry po Salamat po sa blessing at pag gabay Lord wag ako ma tulfo
Oct 24   Lord Wala magreklamo sa akin dahil nadeceived ko sila at dahil wala PA po sila diploma at receipt Lord Wala magreklamo sa CHed Tesda deped and management
Oct 24   Lord wag mag email si cenon Lord wag ako ma audit at ma investigate Lord wag ako mawalan ng trabaho at malipat ng Branch Lord wag mag Sara Ang school
Oct 24   Why do you watch me when I play with myself
Oct 24   Lord wag Sana. Mag sumbong si Stephanie and Pao
Oct 24   Why did you give me a small penis
Oct 24   God is a liar
Oct 24   God .... Ces is out here spreading blaspheme can you hit me back tell meexactly what you told him This message was received via SMS text
Oct 24   Please This message was received via SMS text
Oct 24   Are you god This message was received via SMS text
Oct 24   Pray we don t have to leave for - hrs Nov - st Pray I am the new Porter everyday
Oct 24   Affirmations mediation soothing healing sounds i did this one like share & subscribe. thank you. This message was received via SMS text
Oct 24   I believe God is real but the real God is not the Bible God. The Bible God is a jerk at worst and a liar at best. My life was waisted being raised in church.
Oct 23   Pray the bed bugs go away I don t have much money to do laundry
Oct 23   God I am full of verrugas and black points can you help me And my nose and face is getting pink and purple like my sex please help everithing because of magic!
Oct 23   Ama ako nalng po sana ang magkasakit kesa po ang aking pamilya
Oct 23   God when I am afraid of something normally they do what I am afraid like I am afraid of getting a desea they putt it on me. . Can you help me
Oct 23   God the royal famalies and the nobles and politicians tryed to destroy me I do not know what they did but I had bad times can you please help me
Oct 23   God they do things like changing my carretos or the oitavas to make me crazy. . Can you help me
Oct 23   Obrigado por me ajudar muito Jos Abreu )
Oct 23   God the pope as fired because of me being at the church and being poisoned with snakes then the other pope get to the power and continue to destroy me help me!
Oct 23   God my items magical connect me from past. Till the future and the present get destroyed can you help me
Oct 23   God you made me a bishop of silver in the church. But I continue evolving and get to diamond bishop and saphira and ruby well they stole me that part of me sos
Oct 23   God there is a song that call me Dalai lama and I believe they steal me what I had to be that. Can you help me
Oct 23   Dear god I need your help I have been hunting so I can put food on my tableand I m having no luck seeing deer This message was received via SMS text
Oct 23   God I made a magical baptine of bishop and I had the caps with several colors and the stripes that you gave me but they changed that I lost my self help me plea
Oct 23   God you gaved me stripes on my hips like the bishop as and one key and that was stolen or changed by look a like stripes and key but it is not mine can you help
Oct 23   God sorry but you gaved me a magical baptine of priest black. They stole me that and all its power and what I had that made the baptine to fit in me. Help me!
Oct 23   God! Jiove gaved me the habits and the ring from several monk temples but they stole me what I have that permite me to have that things! Help me please
Oct 23   God Jesus made me a prince of rubi from the catholic church I was a bishop of ruby but I do not feel my power something went wrong can you help me Please!
Oct 23   God there are people that are getting inside of angels to use them power can you protect the angels from that
Oct 23   God they produce the sound inside of me instead of being me getting the sound is them that putt the sound inside csn you please help me
Oct 23   God! I am seing terrible without glasses can you help me
Oct 23   God can you make my ears and brain and the rest of my being undestructible by sound light and darkness Thank you very much
Oct 23   God they changed my light side and my darkside can you help me Please
Oct 23   God! People live inside of me and my body did not evolved and what evolved maybe get deficient can you please remake me like i should be without other action. .
Oct 23   I m always scared and frantic.
Oct 23   God can you protect me from Satan is disciples and from hades and is disciples Please
Oct 23   Hi god it s me again
Oct 23   God all artists keep my power to do the songs because it is there own songs. . Can you help me please
Oct 23   God I always have invisible things around be hurting me and eating me alive or doing evil things on me can you please help me
Oct 23   On side and middle This message was received via SMS text
Oct 23   God eat my ass This message was received via SMS text
Oct 23   I pray no one interferes with me working or getting xtra hours at jc Penny I well take what I can get more than better
Oct 23   God I developed my Aikido inside if me and I had ki power black and usind do I became Hakama they steal me all that can you help me getting back to original me
Oct 23   God they steal my dance and rithm and body movements! Can you help me
Oct 23   God Tash is stealing my creativity! But there are other people that steals parts of me can you help me
Oct 23   God I am always incorporating in everithing that moves can you please help me
Oct 23   God! I know I am boring but can you make me what I trained to be plus your gifts and the other gods angels and saints and holypeople gifts Please
Oct 23   God can you protect my ATMA since the beginning
Oct 23   God! Can you express in me my true ATMA Maybe slowly sow I do not freak out. . Thank you
Oct 23   God! I was learning majutsu and I asked you how many counts I had if each boom of the music was one count and you gave me my counts but they stolen that from me
Oct 23   Help me go back in time.
Oct 23   God they dressed me like a buddisth monk and made me do what the buddisth monks do and I evolve and became good in that but they stole me that part of me! help
Oct 23   God my theets are getting destroyed can you heal them and make them beautiful again as my face and head Please love u
Oct 23   God can you remember me I houst to do trance with you now I cannot do a continue music I did songs that last for hours! Can you please see what happened help!
Oct 23   I m so scared.
Oct 23   God my magic is not working proprally. . I have - levels of witch gaved me the goddess and they are not working. . Can you help
Oct 23   I made a pact with Lucifer a long time ago.
Oct 23   God I have energetic vampires near me can you help me modifying me to protect me from them
Oct 23   God I have several magicians near me just for doing evil things on me. . Can you help me
Oct 23   God people absorve my energies and destroy my well being. Can you help me
Oct 23   God help us from the apocalypse please.
Oct 23   God Im all alone and just have a life with my family.
Oct 23   God! Me and other people can see me and other people reflected on other people like if they wore us can you help me
Oct 23   God please help me be happy with my family again especially my mom
Oct 23   God please end the Samoan people coming into my life.
Oct 23   God I ve been in movies.
Oct 23   God while we live we develop and the things I developed got steal or destroy can you please help me
Oct 23   God I was getting better yesterday but today I feel like going back to the hole can you please see what s happening and help me please
Oct 23   There are problems happening with my nephew. .please help us all please.
Oct 23   God when I started producing music you changed the names of the music s and add a single for the way I produce like gem or psycz they steal that ways I use sos
Oct 23   My boss just ask me to Porter all next week I say yea I pray my mom would understand n not be mad
Oct 23   Can you help me be myself again after what Ive gone through.
Oct 23   Gabapentin is for meth cravings.
Oct 23   My mom always knows what to do.
Oct 23   I changed my survey monkey username to carolin-.
Oct 23   I was watching the movie Frankenstein a long time ago
Oct 23   God nobody s in China Town anymore.
Oct 23   I won the lottery.
Oct 23   Hi god.
Oct 23   Can you fix everything please
Oct 23   What does a gabapentin do
Oct 23   Dear God in Jesus name I pray to you asking that you heal the pain in my legs and feet and bring the swelling down and please help my breathing be easier

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