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Mar 25   Sup (SMS)
Mar 25   Is this god (SMS)
Mar 25   Pray my heart is strong (SMS)
Mar 25   cure me god heal my headache please. .
Mar 25   Please help us reach the goal
Mar 24   thank you lord jesus for watching over my son. give him wisdom in all his activities. Amen
Mar 24   God plz help me feel alone
Mar 24   Dear Lord I need your help. I ask your guidance for moving and healing. In Jesus name Amen.
Mar 25   Prsy carrie Lynn relax n go to bed (SMS)
Mar 25   There are seven days left to this Month let. Us Push Pray and Position our selves For the Word of the LORD Coming April. (SMS)
Mar 24   God. .help me.
Mar 24   Jesus fill my Heart with you
Mar 24   Dear god father please help me. . .
Mar 24   Take away my pain God. Either kill me biologically or just stop killing me while I am still alive. I am tired of your nonchalance towards me.
Mar 24   Please help and bless DP in her studies her career and all aspects of her life. Please guide her in all her decisions. Thanks for bringing her into my life.
Mar 24   Dear Gods please help me financially so that I can support my family and make them proud of me. Thank you lords.
Mar 24   Dear Lords and Ladies.
Mar 24   Lord answer your phone (SMS)
Mar 24   God I m here to tell u that I M sorry for all the bad choices I made when I grow up I promise to be an better person and do the good things not bad for my family (SMS)
Mar 24   unfair. (SMS)
Mar 24   Dear Lord God I ask u to help me financially so I can keep my truck. Im always behind. I try my best but its hard. Please supply the funds. Amen
Mar 24   Father God Jesus please provide for me and please open a door that I may walk on a firm foundation meet all my needs. Open my eyes. Show me what I need to see
Mar 24   Please help bless and heal Dad R B L S L s mom A s mom O A me and all suffering people. Please help and bless N and guide her in all her decisions.
Mar 24   Please help and bless DP in her studies her career and all aspects of her life. Please guide her in all her decisions. Thanks for bringing her into my life.
Mar 24   thank you jesus!
Mar 24   Is this god (SMS)
Mar 24   Hello (SMS)
Mar 24   Why Why can t you just make it so that I go to sleep and wake up in the morning not caring about him (SMS)
Mar 24   I am tried of caring and hoping it is going to change and it not. (SMS)
Mar 24   please god let me find love and companionship
Mar 24   Please give me my luck back thankyou
Mar 24   I got off the phone with my mother and she sounded drunk. Please help her come back home safely and
Mar 24   One upvote one prayer.
Mar 24   Please dear god i have believed im your word but nothing good yet. eight years. mercy please. do something good in our favor pls.
Mar 24   Hey (SMS)
Mar 24   Hi is this god (SMS)
Mar 24   Movement (SMS)
Mar 24   My time (SMS)
Mar 24   Pray my eye clear up (SMS)
Mar 24   holy this is dumb
Mar 24   please dear
Mar 24   I love you Krishna
Mar 24   I pray for change
Mar 24   God Sometimes I get down but then I will go to a sight like this end realize my problem are not that bad. Why do good people suffer If it is within your p
Mar 24   Still here still waiting
Mar 24   lord Jesus pls heal my CHD completely with your !!
Mar 24   Please make my bigger
Mar 24   Hi imgur
Mar 24   Thanks for 14 inch they re amazing!
Mar 24   Dear God please heal my broken heart and broken soul
Mar 24   For us to have a successful iui
Mar 24   Hi (SMS)
Mar 24   I pray that my company can air out their dirty laundry but I ve been there for 5 years so I already know that won t work out for them since all they do all day is hate me. (SMS)
Mar 24   Pray my apartment was hot not cold (SMS)
Mar 24   Thank you for all that you blessed me with god. Please Help me! Please god I pray to you.
Mar 24   Thanks for ( . Y . ) s they re amazing!
Mar 24   I miss my daughter.
Mar 24   Please God give Donald Trump the reward he deserves.
Mar 24   Please kill Lionel Messi march 25 2017
Mar 24   Hi god (SMS)
Mar 24   Call me (SMS)
Mar 24   I love uuuuuuuu (SMS)
Mar 24   God (SMS)
Mar 24   DEAR GOD thank you for wins on set for life lottery soon you will win me the jackpot i will help many people thank you god W A MELBOURNE thank you god
Mar 24   Are you real my dude
Mar 24   Dear God & Clementine please help end my agitation or hormonal imbalance. I have made so many positive dietary changes. Please assist me and take away these c
Mar 24   Thanq u god to give bike to my brother and. Give him lots of happyness for his life thanq god
Mar 24   Pray Judy mind own business (SMS)
Mar 24   I prsy my mom keep mouth shut (SMS)
Mar 24   Prsy my mom stop saying mean things (SMS)
Mar 24   I pray Judy get better soon Prsy she stop saying mean things n stop being a bullied n not intefer (SMS)
Mar 24   I don t know why I keep praying to you I thought you help me before but man this is the worst week since my wife left things are supposed to getting better not
Mar 24   Are you god (SMS)
Mar 24   PLease god . help me. vishnu ka dewa wala job ho jaye. warna sab barbaad ho jayega
Mar 24   Help me please
Mar 24   God pls
Mar 24   Look to the Lord and His strength seek His face always. 1 Chronicles 16 11 (SMS)
Mar 24   Hi god I need a job in which is appropriate for me. Which would make my life settle.
Mar 24   Completly broken
Mar 24   God you know I never have done it. so I don t want to get it. Please let me have the thing that I want like before
Mar 24   Dear god father please save us please forgive us and please help us thank you.
Mar 24   ohh My God Iam nothing for. and Iam here alone without you I man not do I have a big problem. i have many loan and the time was going. Iam here
Mar 24   I miss some one god please help me
Mar 24   Polska (SMS)
Mar 24   lord Jesus i commit my son to your care. pls watch over him as he is on the plane now to tokyo osaka for 10days. pls protect my son. amen
Mar 24   God you know I never have do I don t want to get please let me have the thing that i want like before
Mar 24   Dear god please please please please please let everything this weekend workout so that I can go to indy and we can spend that time together and we can just hav
Mar 24   God please help me
Mar 24   Dear Sai baba ji Nirmal Baba ji. Good night baba koi kaam nhi hota ( i m panic
Mar 24   Dear loving God. I need so much you help and care and forgiving. I feel so sad and worried and don t know what to do Please help me.
Mar 24   god plzzz
Mar 24   god get me marks plssssss lol
Mar 24   Whereas my family
Mar 24   My God kill Caroline my
Mar 24   Hi god (SMS)
Mar 24   My God Problems Are Multiplying Every Send Me Money To Overcome Them. (SMS)
Mar 24   Oh the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God! ... For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be the glory forever! Amen. Romans 11 33 36 (SMS)
Mar 24   Pray my mom stop being mean n stop running her mouth n trying to intefer n need stop (SMS)
Mar 24   Protect my parents s place home my God please bless the house my God i can t take this suffering anymore send this evils spirit to the owners now my God. Pleas

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