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Apr 28   God please heal my son s shoulder and heart
Apr 28   Dear God Please relieve me from this financial debt by making me debt free. Please forgive my financial sins ego ineptitude and inflexibility. Please give me
Apr 28   Why did you leave them there
Apr 28   O God please give me a job please God bless me!
Apr 28   Dear lord please bless penny and her family and please help me with my life and help me with my lack of a relationship and with my lack of a job
Apr 28   Today i am very happy i spend more time with my wife thanks god for your blessings
Apr 28   Dear God please help me
Apr 28   Please God bring back my roommate Evelyn Guido I m sorry and please let it rain if your God please text me back or get ahold of me someway based on Faith. (SMS)
Apr 28   I love you God. (SMS)
Apr 28   Good night and live forever in Peace and joy. (SMS)
Apr 28   Prsy the house was Warner (SMS)
Apr 28   Pray it don t rain pray it stay warm (SMS)
Apr 28   I m disappointed that there was on my cards n supposition there was dte didn t get no payment so now I got to pay 2 times (SMS)
Apr 28   God please help me in this cruucial me take the right decisions
Apr 28   Aum Namah Shivay! Please make my life peaceful!
Apr 28   God just want my life to change i pray that thing get better with my kid new car a new baby god your only help and hope in the name of god amen
Apr 28   Baba pls Maaf krdo pls sai baba pls
Apr 28   Dear god make my parents healthy and happy.
Apr 27   Lord please make miracle po lord. plkease lord. .
Apr 27   Lord Please Help me . Wag po sanang magsumbong si daryl. Lord Please
Apr 27   God please let my girlfriend tyresha nakia cooper and dreeauna renaee foster talk again please lord help me amen.
Apr 27   God please help me find happiness in my professional life
Apr 27   Heavenly Father I m so lonely. So much tragedy and physical pain. Please lead others to pray for me. Thank you CD
Apr 27   Thank you for everything you have done
Apr 27   Jesus please save me from my TL. Please help me jesus. always be with me jesus. Releave me from this office immediately jesus. i want to go home. Please save me
Apr 27   My lord i want feel ples alwys with me u begging god no one can with feeling they are mine they support in every problem begging u stay with me like everthying
Apr 27   Dear God in Jesus name I pray for your help. Please hear my prayers.
Apr 27   Dear God in Jesus name please help me sleep tonight without problems.
Apr 27   Chase the rat or whatever it is
Apr 27   Lord Please Help me poo. . LOrd PLease MAke MIracle . Wag po sana mag squeel si sam and simple. Thnaks Po
Apr 27   I ask for 3 miracles Father. Please give me lotto tomorrow and eyebrows today and healing immediately. Thank You
Apr 27   Dear God You could put me out of my misery and bring me back to you this weekend. Please.
Apr 27   Please kill me if youre there
Apr 27   Get t
Apr 27   Send peace to my heart
Apr 27   Can you please let us live in 49 Modena in Laguna Altura CA and promote my dad to Vice President PLEASE!!
Apr 27   Dear God in Jesus name please help me. I m so sad lost and worried and miss my son
Apr 27   I cry for my Dad I know he is there in heaven with his family & friends xxxxx but i miss him like crazy Amen
Apr 27   God why do you not care what is happening in our world Have you abandoned us Do you hate your creation We need help and our Earth is falling apart. Humanity
Apr 27   God take my hand n lift me up. .
Apr 27   Is this god (SMS)
Apr 27   hi (SMS)
Apr 27   Is this god (SMS)
Apr 27   Cooold wish my apartment was warmer (SMS)
Apr 27   Pray my house stay warmth not cold (SMS)
Apr 27   you
Apr 27   Send all the bad smells and all the evil spirits to the owners senders now my God please .Amen
Apr 27   I love lucifer lmao
Apr 27   Make Ashtony a thing
Apr 27   An infinite number of thank you ! !
Apr 27   never leave my side
Apr 27   let us not be hurt emotionally
Apr 27   Is this god (SMS)
Apr 27   God (SMS)
Apr 27   protect me from evil
Apr 27   Please God I love you
Apr 27   o god u realy god i belive that but plz god responce them thay ar calling u god
Apr 27   please help me
Apr 27   Prsy I get to be on call or ask to come in early or stay late (SMS)
Apr 27   Prsy I did good today n I hope I made a good impression (SMS)
Apr 27   Wish some one will make an app so we can hear god answering our question and talking to us
Apr 27   Dear God i never had the change to know true love honesty and wealth from day to day im tryin please Almighty Father im lonely pockets empty i
Apr 27   God please help me with everything I am currently facing. Please help me succeed and help the love of my life find her way back to me
Apr 27   Dear God did i die today where will i go
Apr 27   God pls remove my mother sufferings both physically and mentally. . Pls god she has a right to live her forward life wit joyfully and happily. plz and my fathe
Apr 27   Hello God please give me a sign now
Apr 27   God I believe in you I believe in myself I always msg you when I am very dissapointed good this time pls help to clear my written exam of both exams and as w
Apr 27   God please allow me to last long enough to satisfy her this time
Apr 27   help me fiend my kyes for me
Apr 27   please give me formula to grow hair
Apr 27   God please give good health and wealth to my please help me
Apr 27   Father God in the heavens if and only if this is true then I ask you give me divine wisdom to be able to understand my calling and the hidden truth. Amen and A
Apr 27   Dear God in Jesus name things aren t going good for me today. Please help me to not feel so distressed and sad.
Apr 27   Are u there (SMS)
Apr 27   Can u please help me out (SMS)
Apr 27   Jesus please save me from my TL. Please help me jesus. Releave me from this office immediately . always be with me jesus. always be with me jesus. make me stron
Apr 27   I m sorry for everything I have said and the times I have defied you and your word. Please let me turn away from jealously greed and hate and move toward lovi
Apr 27   Dear god. . u know all about me. plz suggest me a way so that I can reduce my family problem plzzz. . I love u god
Apr 27   u aint real
Apr 27   Dear God thank you for all What I have and please help me to Find a new good well paid !.Thank you!!
Apr 27   please help me have A s and B s in my grade please dear god im sorry for anything i have done to you i love u but please help me with my grades your the only pe
Apr 27   Dear god I want a green card for the United States of America
Apr 27   i need help on this homework
Apr 27   plz help jose to forget the hard day too crasity sorry jose you had to see that
Apr 27   Lord pls stay with me u know everything about me what i led ples give judge for my pain asking in jeasus name. Amen
Apr 27   Please help me dude I have a chemistry test tomorrow. I really need help. (
Apr 27   help fine my keys
Apr 27   Dear God why have you forsaken me You have not cured my depression not have you solved any of the world s problems. I wish I could believe in you but the fa
Apr 27   Sai Baba ji maaf kro pls baba f ko poore dil or pachtawe k sath mere paas aaye baba plssss (
Apr 27   Will you still like me if im gay
Apr 27   Lord please i cry to you please bring us a health baby so we can love i miss been prengent lord
Apr 27   learning stress handling get out of depression I have goal in life my set in not asking something eles every on sec fall up down I have a lote of kno
Apr 27   help me to forget Chasity crusty toes
Apr 27   for 7 long years i am failing in everything in study in exam in love why is this happening to me for so long time i lost hope in everything that i wanted to d
Apr 27   Jesus please help me. Amen
Apr 27   Dear god in jesus please pray the big man alex jones takes the frogs and makes them not gay. ty god xoxo
Apr 27   Please god have my family well
Apr 27   Are you there god (SMS)
Apr 27   Father thank you for the sale. Just 2 more left for April )

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