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Aug 26   Dear God please have mercy on me. I beg for your blessings despite of my sins. Please forgive me
Aug 26   please god help me
Aug 26   Pray carrielyn feel better (SMS)
Aug 26   Pray carrielyn don t cry (SMS)
Aug 26   god jelp me ti get the job
Aug 26   oh my merciful father please bless this earth and humanity. god turn this earth into like heaven. god on this day was my birthday please bless me god for coming
Aug 26   please help me
Aug 26   Dear papa something happenhappens for aroundaround meme thatthat uu knoknows kkindly take care ofitsome bloody smell follows me. kindly helpgod. keep me in yiu
Aug 26   Thank you God. I m always take care in the end. Nothing can go wrong as long as you are with everyone. So everyone hang on to your nerves. Alright
Aug 26   O God almighty please give me All
Aug 26   Dear God in Jesus name please watch over and protect my son my daughter my grandson my friend and me. Please be with us and keep us all safe.
Aug 26   god please i will do anything please help me love you
Aug 26   god please help me please kebe mote sahajya karibe please god help me please god help me please god help me
Aug 26   God thank you
Aug 26   please god help me god please please
Aug 26   god i want skill knowledge better relationship and to fulfil my all job and duties
Aug 26   Dear God please help us keep hour home
Aug 26   Please help me make it financially. I want furniture please!!
Aug 26   GOD I want my wife to beget baby. I want her to become pregnant. Kindly bless her womb within this month. AMEN
Aug 26   dear god. mr woodard. he needs his chair. please.
Aug 26   dear father help me to find a job and look aftt
Aug 26   father I want u in my life I m lost without you u are there only one I left with show ur self to me give me a sine I really miss u with all my soul and my heart
Aug 26   Dear god
Aug 26   Please god help me to take care my family and please bless my daughter
Aug 26   dear god please call me i dont want live here
Aug 26   I need you
Aug 26   Dear God i thank u for ur daily blessing but right now i need lots of money i trust n believe u also want u to protect my couple n daughter we want love
Aug 26   Good morning God i know by now that you are very busy could plz plz pass your eyes my way&family.
Aug 26   please god help me please god help me
Aug 26   Help us keep what we have
Aug 26   ng ina ka ano ba talaga gusto mo patunayan ha! tang ina ka akala mo kung sino ka wala ka naman binatbat di ka naman makalaban ng patas pweh!
Aug 26   Lord jesus help me find a job that suit my life now help me lead my wife in finding the truth that is you help me lead my oldest daughter that has enter
Aug 26   Dear God I am totally on your mercy shower your blessings on my forgive for my mistakes. I beg you with folded hands.
Aug 26   God help me find a job please God
Aug 26   Dear god make my parents healthy and happy.
Aug 26   I need you to guide me . . to stand and rise
Aug 26   Aum Namah Shivay! Please bring peace in my life please!
Aug 26   Thank you
Aug 26   Maa laxmi ji ki jay ho hay maiya laxmi hamra per daya karu hay dhan ke devi maa laxmi hamra 330000000crore rupiya mila du hay maa laxmi. .
Aug 26   God please passed me
Aug 25   Please help me with my career god. I want something to my satisfaction. Please help me in convincing my parents that i want to prepare again. Please for the las
Aug 25   dear god i am suffering mentally every day. please deliver me from this suffering. please give me a peaceful and happy life.
Aug 25   he bholeshwar mahadev or jadeshwar mahadev mere sabhi sapne pure karna or jaldi karna . .om maharudray namh
Aug 25   Please god i can t lose her
Aug 25   Dear God in Jesus name thank you for answered prayers today. Please help me sleep good tonite and not have bad coughing
Aug 25   God mujhee sahi disa chunneme madat karo plz
Aug 25   Bless me jesus.
Aug 25   please helpe god. im lost please save me. i really need your help.
Aug 25   Dear Loving Father kindly bless me with a new home for the sake of my mantally ill wife and my children s privacy in Jesus name i pray. Amen
Aug 25   i love you lord thank you amen
Aug 25   Please save me jesus. I am so scared jesus. Be with me always jesus. Bless me jesus.
Aug 25   help my family with there jobs and i pray to make my skin clear thank you lord jesus
Aug 25   Lord Why I am suffering like this. ( di ko na po kaya.
Aug 25   God Please help me I am lost please help me
Aug 25   Why is everyone so uncaring
Aug 25   we need air. please help!!!!
Aug 25   Oh my God why have you forsaken me He was not brought my chicken and strawberries and took me outside the Christian community! Despite this I still believe
Aug 25   Dear god please help know everything about me do something.
Aug 25   How are you today
Aug 25   God please take away the dreed and uncertainty i feel. Not sure what is going on with myself.
Aug 25   Dear God please protect me and help me.
Aug 25   Please Help me my Lord I don t know what more to do Bless me with your guidance and help.
Aug 25   Pray my kids are not crying n listening (SMS)
Aug 25   Pray my skin clear to (SMS)
Aug 25   Fri off next wed off (SMS)
Aug 25   I regret. (SMS)
Aug 25   Please help me. I can t do it anymore.
Aug 25   Dear God pls help me i am your child pls give me strength and be positive pls mske everything better pls forgive my mistakes
Aug 25   Help me so that things that I want come to pass thank you Jesus. Forgive me for what i said and done
Aug 25   i love you god
Aug 25   thank you lord for this day i love you with all my heart in jesus name amen
Aug 25   Dear God please help me and make i stop eating and lose weight and calories very fast and plesde God make me very skinny girl make i lose fat calories and w
Aug 25   Dear God thank you so much for answered prayers. Please help me continue to get better. Thank you
Aug 25   please give julia and brian peace in any form you deem right.
Aug 25   Abba you know my situation please help me. Solve all my problems Abba. I love you Abba. .
Aug 25   God please send me a sign tell me need to hear your
Aug 25   Hello Papa &how are you
Aug 25   Dear god I know I m not perfect and I know I have sinned dear God I have messed up so much in my life but the one thing that I ve done right as have two beautif
Aug 25   Hi my God. i need guidance please help. Thank you. I love you my God.
Aug 25   I need my employer my life is stucked at one place please gove me the meaning of my life that im born for
Aug 25   please god help me i rebuke satan
Aug 25   Maa laxmi ji ki jay ho hay jagat kalyani maiya laxmi hamra per daya karu hay maa laxmi hamar duwa kabul kake hamra 330000000crore rupiya mila du hay maa laxmi.
Aug 25   Thank you for today Lord. Thank you so much
Aug 25   God thank you for all that you have given me. Pls give me a happy death. I want to die peacefully and reapectfully within two days.
Aug 25   Hay dhan daulat ke devi maa laxmi hay shukh ke sagar maa laxmi daya karu hay maa laxmi hamra per daya kake hamra 330000000crore rupiya mila du hay maa laxmi. .
Aug 25   Dear God I m sorry but I can t take anymore just when I think I m winning I get knocked back to square one I have lost the will to live if you can t heal me
Aug 25   O god please keep us safe daily like you do . . Please o god we need you protection your power to tackle this kind of situation o god we need you good blessings
Aug 25   Please god do not suffer me anymore in this issue
Aug 25   Lord Jesus have mercy upon me. I want this suffering to end. Send me a blessing Lord. AMEN
Aug 25   Thank you for the gift of life God. Please forgive me my sins. Give me a husband and a good job. Thank you God
Aug 25   Hey god If I have done anything wrong. Why my wife always blames me If that is the case please uthale re bhagaban
Aug 25   God my son is in trouble that you can deliver him from. Father please help me to keep him strong and deliver us from the suffering.
Aug 25   Please help iona and be with her while waiting for hospital results
Aug 25   Lord sri krishna pleasetakemykot i koti allowto arrange onecroremoneyby worksforyour projectby15thse pt 16
Aug 25   please god help me
Aug 25   Maa laxmi ji ki jay ho hay maiya laxmi hamra per daya karu hay dhan ke devi maa laxmi hamar duwa kabul kake hamra 330000000crore rupiya mila du hay maa laxmi. .
Aug 25   Hi God I need to make $2000 I ll earn it I ll work for it and I need it asap thank you god
Aug 25   Please help me my God. Thank you. I love you.
Aug 25   please help me

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