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Oct 28   God i sended u lof of massages but www
Oct 28   thanks AA its in post first thing xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
Oct 28   Dear GOD I ask you for a finically miracle tonight please save me from the creditors
Oct 28   please god end my existance
Oct 28   i did not ask to exist if i have a choice i do not want to exist
Oct 28   No one giving me the time of day to let me volunteer or help at Harrison (SMS)
Oct 28   Help me
Oct 28   Dear God help me find my purpose and to forgive people that have hurt me
Oct 28   pick up a guitar man & sing! sing your broken heart & soul away! if gods likes u then heal guide u stop being a victim! begone man! im buzy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx
Oct 28   Please forgive me for whatever i did wrong to you my lord god
Oct 28   please my God help me just this once i promise i not ask again please please my God i beg you
Oct 28   you god
Oct 28   My god please save my daughter maman and show her right path!
Oct 28   i love a boy but he dnt have feelings for me what should i do
Oct 28   Dear God please heal my broken heart and broken soul
Oct 28   I love you God please find me and love me
Oct 28   !
Oct 28   god pls hlp me u r my only hope. i love jeevan and i want him as my life partner pls mk this hapn
Oct 28   i just wanna die
Oct 28   Pray more hours at work (SMS)
Oct 28   Pray the bathroom room or floor not dirty (SMS)
Oct 28   plz help
Oct 28   God plz help me tonigth othw
Oct 28   Please will you let me be Holly Goodwin s boyfriend Lord
Oct 28   pleaseeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Oct 28   I wish I was God and if I was I would help all of you that are in need God will hopefully help all I went to church today to ask for all our healing amen
Oct 28   will I become sticky if i hump a tart! will she break my heart! eyes on my wallet! which is empty! god! save those empty minded tarts.
Oct 28   Pls help my friends family. They are in trouble. Show them right path and give them happiness
Oct 28   We both know what it is please sort it
Oct 28   God where is he Is he coming back tonight
Oct 28   Jesus please help me. Amen
Oct 28   plz let me to my only happiness. . or help me get rid of this pain. .
Oct 28   help me please! thank you eveline
Oct 28   Maa laxmi ji ki jay ho hay dhan ke devi maa laxmi duwa kabul karu hay maa laxmi hamar duwa kabul kake hamra 330000000crore rupiya mila du hay maa laxmi. .
Oct 28   no nizzle or slave! I originated from a cave! not a jungel or deserts! self sufficient in charge! made 2 feel&shame 4 not being nizzel homo or dyke take a hyke
Oct 28   GOD I went to church today to ask for forgiveness and help in my financial and mental health and to look over my family as please help me with a miracle and a s
Oct 28   please help us get out of this mess love you
Oct 28   I am so lost wirhout show me the path.
Oct 28   God help us or take us
Oct 28   Lord what do i need to get lian tan mawi Lord why didn t she love me Lord why didn t you let her love me Pleas help me let her love me i love her so much
Oct 28   godl am not such a bad person so you wont listen to me my daughter got married and she has problems pl make her take a decision about het marroage help me pleas
Oct 28   God why am i never happy . People never like me my husband left me i love much and want to make amends with him. I am so lonely and need new friends and
Oct 28   give me strength and ability to complete my work on time always
Oct 28   I just went to you god to ask for forgiveness for my sins and to ask you for a financial miracle please have in your heart to help me and my family out of this
Oct 28   please God help me n give me a miracle. . please help me with my financial problems n my baby
Oct 28   Please make her realize that I m the right man for her thank You
Oct 28   Father please give me a peace of mind. Give me the right answers to my confused mind. I trust in u.
Oct 28   Hi luv xxx
Oct 28   toucans dont mate with pelicans! why should i mate with a african! frogs dont hump newts!
Oct 28   I have aids do you
Oct 28   Maa laxmi hamra 330000000crore rupiya mila du hay dhan ke devi maa laxmi. .
Oct 28   Please help me do well on my test i studied for it this time and feel like ill do well but i really just hoped theres hope for me to do well in all grades in ge
Oct 28   Yo homes keep killin them Africans my nizzle )
Oct 28   God i don t feel like living life anymore. Nothing is going right. If possible god please give me a painless death or a else fulfill my small dreams
Oct 28   please god help me i m hopeless in my missrable life. I want to die. Please take me a way. The human world it s a mess that i don t want to be involved in.
Oct 28   Please make MT fall in love with me and want to be with me all the time
Oct 28   Maa laxmi ji ki jay ho hay maa laxmi hamra per daya karu hay dhan ke devi maa laxmi hamar duwa kabul kake hamra 330000000crore rupiya mila du hay maa laxmi. .
Oct 28   I love you please give me the seriousness and will to express it ya habibi
Oct 28   God please bless me to have a peaceful heart
Oct 28   Dear God please help me
Oct 28   first things first! telephone sex anonymous! or see your local health practice! thing has 2 be out in the open with a pro! bro! good luck xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx
Oct 28   God plz forgive me I want too be with you
Oct 28   god tussi great ho!!!!
Oct 28   Let there peace for me always. Thanks Amen
Oct 28   dear god fulfill my wish come true
Oct 28   Please god hear my cries for help bless me with your presence to help me if not take me away my head is swollen from the stress please god amen
Oct 28   Thank you helping for me make it through another week thank you for keeping my health and sanity through it all amen!!! (SMS)
Oct 28   God help me in porn addiction lessen my burden in getting work at sea please help my relatives in their lives please help my sister and guide him abroad. Ple
Oct 28   give me asus rog laptop tomorrow please
Oct 28   Dear God end my life and let me go to You. In Jesus Name.
Oct 28   please tell my mom to pick me up im nervous
Oct 28   please help me god. . i want all my dreams will come true
Oct 28   Please Father please restore our health and wealth today so we can go home to family and friends. Amen
Oct 28   okey monty!!!!!
Oct 28   Thank you !
Oct 28   Are you there for me god please help me I need you to watch over me thank you Heavenly Father
Oct 28   I hope I don t get yell at (SMS)
Oct 28   Wish it stay hot not cold (SMS)
Oct 28   I don t want to lack anything (SMS)
Oct 28   Pray my neck n face clear up (SMS)
Oct 28   Help me with python please!
Oct 28   God please bless our family. . . .
Oct 28   Dear God thank you for the blessings today and I cannot say this enough for the miracle on 24 October 2016. Mother Mary Jesus thank you for your support. Plea
Oct 28   Dear God I pray for the individuals that treated me so poorly at my job that there eyes and souls be open for there wrongs and they will learn and someday feel
Oct 28   Hear my cries god please help me I ve lost almost everything and need your help I beg of you to help time is almost out
Oct 28   Forgive me god for my sins please help me have a healthy and wealthy life what s left of it thank you God
Oct 28   Pray no bad cramps (SMS)
Oct 28   Having bad cramps every day help me (SMS)
Oct 28   plz plz
Oct 28   mr trump! suggested if he was elected he would fund research into porn & the affects it has on the individual & society!
Oct 28   GOD good morning hope today is better then yesterday I need your help to solve my financial and mental well being thank you lord amen
Oct 28   cure me from porn sexual addiction and me lord from me jesus
Oct 28   Hi my God thank you for always being with me taking care of me and guiding me. I love you my God.
Oct 28  
Oct 28   Dear Lord Please look over her always. Let my good wishes reach her never the bad ones that I wish for in my moments of weakness. Please let me be with her. If
Oct 28   Dear god good morning. are you with us need you always. mercy on the humans you created here and now. thank you
Oct 28   God i need your help financially its very stressful i know. I should probably be pstience and they dau will come and we wont be struggling.
Oct 28   Pray Nathan stop holding it in n use Pubic restroom (SMS)
Oct 28   Dear Lord my two legs had been hurt so I hardly move even at home. I have to work. I ask God heals my legs and soul.

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