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Dec 03   ppl are so heartless and cruel! kill my cats and have a party huh what a evil world with evil ppl. l
Dec 03   my lord bless me for my results
Dec 03   i want to be happy.
Dec 03   Lord i a
Dec 03   god nisha mujhse naraj h please use mere liye mana lijiye
Dec 03   Pray Carrie lynn smile n not get upset n pray she communicate (SMS)
Dec 03   Pray Judy don t yell at me n mine bussiness (SMS)
Dec 03   Uhjhesbtdgfjzx kgc3rhcnqgcgf5a w5nig1lidewmc4w mcbvcibtb3jlipc fkq8n cg (SMS)
Dec 03   Pray I was prettier n start dating back (SMS)
Dec 03   Hope my work check is (SMS)
Dec 03   Pray my mom go bed (SMS)
Dec 03   Pray my mom butt out n mine bussiness (SMS)
Dec 03   God i want to be amazing great responsible and good 19 year old girl. I want to be a good example and i want to have truly good soul that people want
Dec 03   Why would you make anyone love me especially someone like John
Dec 03   please bless harry
Dec 03   Pray my mom don t Intefer (SMS)
Dec 03   Pray carrielyn keep on smiling n not cry (SMS)
Dec 03   Pray Heidi get a partime job weeend holiday (SMS)
Dec 03   Hope Nathan got new boots n shoes (SMS)
Dec 03   Jan2nd at 730 (SMS)
Dec 03   Pray I get teeth fix (SMS)
Dec 03   Windfall blessing (SMS)
Dec 03   Need a car (SMS)
Dec 03   Lord help me mom n carrielyn Show up lord (SMS)
Dec 03   God please filter my thoughts.
Dec 03   girlfriend
Dec 03   Prsy apt 2 stop pouding (SMS)
Dec 03   Pray apt 2 stop keeping. The front n back door stay shut at all times n the truth be revil (SMS)
Dec 03   Pray the truth be revil (SMS)
Dec 03   Prsy the wall floors was warmth not cold need heat bad way to cold brrrrrrrrrr (SMS)
Dec 03   I love Balu I want him to marry me plz god let this happen
Dec 03   Jesus i don t want to go .help me. My frdz do not misunderstand me jesus.
Dec 03   Pray terry accept my rent n not denied it n stop telling others I didn t pay rent (SMS)
Dec 03   My x should step up n pd up (SMS)
Dec 03   God i am always asking you but you know i need to sell my business. Send some buyer. Sell my business in good price so i can pay all my loan. Bless us god. Tha
Dec 03   Please God help me from all the pain I m in. Please
Dec 03   Dear Hod in Jesus we please let ther be no noise in my apartment . Please let me sleep good tonight. Thank you
Dec 03   Heavenly Father you have been my constant God always coming through for me now I need your help urgently God I need peace help me to settle all my debts th
Dec 03   Please give my mother comfort rest piece love and all things your son Jesus Christ can offer my mom.
Dec 03   Dear God please help me find faith restore me
Dec 03   Pray god bless Stace fianically n start paying me more n bless him so he has more than enough to give Heidi money n help out (SMS)
Dec 03   hello god
Dec 03   give ppl that open door and tehy can and will be cruel man women dog or etc. . oh like
Dec 03   Thank you dear God for protecting us and family and all decent people wherever they are.
Dec 03   Pray warmth n heat in my apartment (SMS)
Dec 03   Pray carrielyn don t get Afriad of the space heater it way to cold in my apartment Pray warmth n heat in my apartment (SMS)
Dec 03   dear God help me to do the right thing at the right time and protect us from corrupt neighbors.
Dec 03   God please help me I am getting overstressed day by day
Dec 03   help me find a girl to . i am 21
Dec 03   Is this really you
Dec 03   God please can you help me and get me back to my home with my family. That s all I need with your merciful love. Thank you God in Jesus name I pray amen.
Dec 03   Maa laxmi ji ki jay ho hay dhan ke devi maa laxmi hamar duwa kabul karu hay maa laxmi hamra per daya kake hamra 330000000croee rupiya mila du hay maa laxmi. .
Dec 03   I try to help her. She s anorexic. I m scared and I told people. I m scared she ll hate me for breaking her trust. Please help.
Dec 03   God I pray for everyone that has written to you on this webpage. Please answer their prayers
Dec 03   Prsy I stop crying (SMS)
Dec 03   Help me from worrying
Dec 03   Maa laxmi ji ki jay ho hay dhan ke devi maa laxmi hamar duwa kabul kake hamra 330000000crore rupiya mila du hay maa laxmi. .
Dec 03   Dear Lord I love you so much And I am sure that you love me make them call me tomorrow to sign the contract
Dec 03   Father please help me to get above 90 in my maths exam and an A* for my end of term average and Father please help me to make an A* in literature as well hel
Dec 03   Pray my mom butt out (SMS)
Dec 03   dear God I am feeling so LONELY so happy the aweful pain is gone but the loneliness is a new gab to fill wish I had male company someone who wants me I am so th
Dec 03   Thanks god you give to my mam batter health. And again tewabech love me
Dec 03   Ppl now and days have no heart soul or love. Oh lord. how can not cry for what your have made
Dec 03   dear g
Dec 03   Dev rochte patlatra me .hey god please help me to cope my problems . please god. .jai gayatri maa.
Dec 03   Maa laxmi ji ki jay ho hay dhan ke devi maa laxmi hamar duwa kabul kake hamra 330000000crore rupiya mila du hay maa laxmi. .
Dec 03   Goid evening my loving father i need you to come through for me. Please make a way where there seems to be no way. I put my trust in you. I ve got nothing els
Dec 03   God Please protect me and my loved ones and people help me and be by my side with my academics and continue to love me
Dec 03   oh lord the world is cruel dark and cold. tears for old lovely memorys
Dec 03   Maa laxmi ji ki jay ho hay maa laxmi hamra per daya kake hamra 3300000000crore rupiya mila du hay maa laxmi. .
Dec 03   Please oh God Gice me good fortune in this time of need. Thanks Bro.
Dec 03   Help me God I don t know what to do
Dec 03   Jesus heal us and restore family and let us move home with lottery. Amen
Dec 03   miriam
Dec 03   Hai god
Dec 03   dear god I want to achive excellence
Dec 03   Help me please
Dec 03   please god help us
Dec 03   Dear God please watch over my family. Pray mom stop having fainting spells and hurt herself
Dec 03   Dear Lord please please help I need Your help about getting a job which i deserve
Dec 03   Dear God please make RR happen!!! Please also help me for a smooth transition! Thank you!
Dec 03   dear god please help me to find out a good job for me and give me courage to aquire a job.
Dec 03   Jesus. Please dont let my ichayan know about my exam results. I dont want to see him sad
Dec 03   Walk with the wise and become wise associate with fools and get in 13 20 NLT View in context (SMS)
Dec 03   Therefore I tell you that no one who is speaking by the Spirit of God says Jesus be cursed and no one can say Jesus is Lord except by the Holy Spirit. 1 Corinthians 12 3 (SMS)
Dec 03   God please make i lose weight constantly and burn out and lose all the fat and all the calories from my wish i am the skinniest pretty girl ever seen in
Dec 03   Please god help him pass the test
Dec 03   I need. Your. Help pleace. Now
Dec 03   Dear God Please help me . Please sent my friend back to see me. This is the only man that I want in my life. God please help me to be strong. Thank You
Dec 03   god please help me in this relationship problem. guide me to the right path please
Dec 03   God plz help me.
Dec 03   Pray carrielyn don t be Afriad of the space heater (SMS)
Dec 03   Oh lord I wish I didn t wake up. AHH nother day of pain evil and cruel ppl. a bad body and no hope in my heart or soul
Dec 03   Jesus please send my husband to me
Dec 03   Dear God in Jesus name please watch over and protect my son his girlfriend my daughter my grandson my friend and me. Please be with us and keep us all safe
Dec 03   Pray my mom stop running her mouth (SMS)
Dec 03   Pray terry cash my rent n accept it n not denied it (SMS)
Dec 03   Prsy changed my daughter heart n keep it calm pray changed Judy heart (SMS)
Dec 03   Pray carrielyn ok n feel better (SMS)

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