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Feb 22   please god bring me to meet favourite celebirty
Feb 22   God take this thing out of my ear n pls help me solve all my financial prblm amen
Feb 22   Aum Namah Shivay! Please make my life peaceful!
Feb 22   Oh lord please I beg of you don t let me be pregnant. Please I believe in you I hope you could help this wish come true I have made a mistake and I need you now
Feb 22   O god please solve my problem
Feb 22   God I ve messed around for some years now it s time for me to change grant me success lord amen
Feb 22   Magpakallalaki ka ng ina kang basurang walang bayag ka! ganyan ka ba pinalaki ng mong nanay ha pweh!
Feb 22   Tomorrow afternoon (Thursday) Marty Lettinga will undergo surgical placement of a CRT biventricular ICD at Meijer Heart Center. Please pray for a successful p
Feb 22   Father God Precious Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit I bow before you
Feb 22   ng ina mong basura ka di ka talaga titigil eh. gusto mo ng gulo bbgyan kita ng ina mo ka pweh!
Feb 22   Jesus please save me from my TL today. I don t want to meet my TL. Please help me jesus. always be with me jesus. Bless me with sound health and happiness. Alwa
Feb 22   hey god
Feb 22   I am so sorry God.
Feb 22   Lord Im Sorry po. Please Forgive me po. Please Help Me Lord. Please make miralce Lord. Please
Feb 22   plz god
Feb 22   Please help bless and heal dad r b l s l s mom a s mom o
Feb 22   Jesus please help me. Amen
Feb 22   christian family
Feb 22   I love you daddy
Feb 22   Please help and bless V grant her health and happiness always and guide her in all her decisions. Please bless K and L richly for their kindness to me.
Feb 22   Dear God you need to do the right thing and help the people on this page. You shouldn t be rewarding evil people .
Feb 22   dearest Jesus thk u for grace and !
Feb 22   i have just retiref. all i
Feb 22   God Please Leave An iPod 6 at my door thank you.
Feb 22   Lord help provide for me. Im behind on my bills. My car doesn t run & needs parts. I need u Lord please send your favor down to me. Everything helps. amen
Feb 22   God please let my girlfriend call me please i dont know what happen to her i really need her to call me
Feb 22   help me plz i want he help
Feb 22   Up yours
Feb 22   Please bring my husband home tonight
Feb 22   Please God give us good friends
Feb 22   Some says that you have created this universe I dont belive on it as some says it is created by chemical bonding but if a priest or a brahmin does harm to huma
Feb 22   If I don t get this job it s fine but then I m going to need help finding the right one fast! Otherwise I can t help others & will be a source of stress
Feb 22   god please open up the job at maco bags
Feb 22   its me
Feb 22   this is what you want it
Feb 22   dear god please help me win the lottery jackpot i will help many people thank you god thank you W A australia
Feb 22   God i really want a ipod4. Can you please work magic please. I ry w
Feb 22   Dear God in Jesus name please again I ask that my son call me. It s important please .
Feb 22   Are u a mlg gamer Jesus.
Feb 22   tell me what love is 1 cor chap 13
Feb 22   Help me Jesus i need some memes and no more depression.
Feb 22   cure me god please! help me. . .
Feb 22   Yo wassup my homie J Dog How is life in da hood
Feb 22   Please set me free let my children be happy forever
Feb 22   god please help my friend. He is in a situation in which i was few years back.
Feb 22   Father thank you for the business. 4 more to go ) Amen.
Feb 22   Dear god please forgive me for all my sins god please help me im so scared god please dont let them come please god plesase. And please dont let taylor be mad a
Feb 22   Thank You and please let me win the lottery jackpot this Friday so I can move home close to family and friends. In Jesus name Amen
Feb 22   Dear Jesus please be with my wife and family and keep my troubles private. I love you Amen.
Feb 22   Dear God I really love my Vishwanath G a lot. I hope he realises. Please God bring me out of this pain. I want a happy married life with Vishwanath Gurall.
Feb 22   Dear jesus I am very poor and hopeless. My family daily crying for my sister marriage so many credit because of the cry. My family. Please help me 50000 thous
Feb 22   you God your son Jesus better least he did some thing while on earth.
Feb 22   please make him have a heart love you
Feb 22   Dear god as my frnd stoped her studies in my clg i have to stay alone in my french cls she is d one who helps in clearng doubts but now she not is
Feb 22   I don t know if you really do love me. I have everything I have ever wanted but the relationships I tend to want never work out. Either I m ditched for some ot
Feb 22   Dear God in Jesus name please have my son call me as soon as possible.
Feb 22   Dear god please help me escape my mind it s going to destroy me I m begging you
Feb 22   r u real lol
Feb 22   Dear God please bring financial relief for my family. We need your help. Please help with our family s friendships help us to have good and lasting friendshi
Feb 22   Dear God and Clementine thank you for group yesterday for the relief I am feeling and for the love from my family. Thank you for the weather. Please help my
Feb 22   help me God for my goods to arrive and sell
Feb 22   ab to lgta hai. ghar to hai ni. nokri kaisei mil jaygi. hum jaise bhikari ko
Feb 22   Dear God I have been a horrible person . I need to be forgiven and I need you to make me better. I am so sorry that I have offended you and disgraced myself fo
Feb 22   kab tak humko kiray ke ghar me rakhoge. . ese dhakke khilwaoge
Feb 22   plz help mr kysirl
Feb 22   Yesaya naku dhanam chayande please in the name of jesus asking amen
Feb 22   Gods blessings to all of us here today ! peace harmony freedom health prosperity. for all.
Feb 22   God help me
Feb 22   God help me all around I have learnt my lessons
Feb 22   dear Jesus take care of my viswa kutty be with her always and guide her in good path make her know me. Amen
Feb 22   Hey God you need to lift your game you re protecting all the pedophiles at the Vatican. Burn them .
Feb 22   Dear God please help me get the job for the interview on Friday. Please
Feb 22   God give me high favor over my employment and my relationships with family and significant others.
Feb 22   Please Dear God in Jesus name hear my sons prayers. Help him learn faith and sincere prayer will help. Please guide him to be a better more patient person
Feb 22   please send huge cash to me
Feb 22   I am waiting with so much faith.
Feb 22   Please give me high salary job.
Feb 22   Dear God please watch over my family. Pray mom stop having fainting spells and hurt herself
Feb 22   oh lord i cant ask for help they will just say no. i help m y family and it was not good anuff ( set me free from this cruel body and heartless world
Feb 22   Dear God please have mercy on me. I beg for your blessings despite of my sins. Please forgive me.
Feb 22   Baba ji mainu is bimaari ton mukti de do. . pls
Feb 22   Dear God in Jesus name please please let today be a good day for my son and his loved ones. Please let us all be calm
Feb 22   yo bro
Feb 22   dear god wtf is up wit cancer
Feb 22   help my priest touches me. i am five years old
Feb 22   Please help bless and heal Dad R B L S L s mom A s mom O A me and all suffering people. Please help and bless N and V and guide them in all their decisions.
Feb 22   please let everything go right love you
Feb 22   Dear God!please bless us with a job me and my husband it been long we pray pleasse god
Feb 22   Dear Lord I worry that my moving process in whole fully returned the deposit from present landlord and moving cost. I surrender all my burden to God. In the n
Feb 22   Lord i will do anything for my family to be set and not hurt please take care of them and take care of anybody i have hurt
Feb 22   Dear God please help me my anus is bleeding and it wont stop plus the bleach doesn t kill me anymore could you give me a suggestion to kill myself in a differe
Feb 22   Please God please hear me Please allow my girlfriend to get the job in Robe please.
Feb 22   Dear God please help me pass the background check P45 not to be a problem to start and keep the job in Optum! Thank you very much for your kindness forgiven
Feb 22   God thank you so much for everything amen
Feb 22   Dear God! Help us find the way to physical immortality in this world. Let us all be ageless immortals forever. Let us keep our healthy body forever. Thank you s
Feb 22   dear god please help me win the lottery jackpot i will help many people thank you my god thank you W A australia
Feb 22   pls give mangala power strength courage health to face any problem in life
Feb 22   God please bless with a job i love and that pays mu unborn child please keep all demons in the office away from me Amen
Feb 22   God you leason my words or not whay god

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