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Jan 19   Dear god kiyu aisa ho raha hai humne toh kabhi kisika bura nhai kiya toh hame itni pareshani kiyu aarahi hai
Jan 19   Prayer to heal my papas mesothelioma cancer he s my best friend and all I have other than my mom and dad and other family but not as close I love him I need as
Jan 19   Lord please help me get this job
Jan 19   Dear God I need enough money to buy a nice house car cloths and furniture
Jan 19   4354580#45#
Jan 19   The Lord is my Savior he will protect me
Jan 19   Hi god i just want to tell you that to tell amy i loveher with all my heart (SMS)
Jan 19   Amy joyner (SMS)
Jan 19   Please talk to me. (SMS)
Jan 18   Dear god make my parents healthy and happy.
Jan 18   Please soften my friend s heart and have her contact me. I will not disappoint .
Jan 18   Aum Namah Shivay! Please make my life peaceful!
Jan 18   Where are you now You forgot me. I m still here. I m afraid to talk to you since ending on unhappy terms. But your guess is as good as mine. I think I was taki
Jan 18   God please assist me with my presentation tomorrow. I know you will stand by my side and guide the whole way through. Amen.
Jan 18   God I put victor Martinez become my brain with no souls sister
Jan 18   God i thank u again 4 keeping me pls my Lord make this day a good 1 4 me n help me solve all my financial crisis amen
Jan 18   Please help bless and heal George H W Bush and Barbara Bush.
Jan 18   god is it you (SMS)
Jan 18   Save me jesus from my TL. Please help me to prove myself good before my TL. Please help me jesus. always be with me jesus. Bless me with sound health and happin
Jan 18   Dear god father please forgive me and my family for all father please help me and save us thank you. . .
Jan 18   plz give me a new computer that works cause mine is useless
Jan 18   I m so depressed . God Please I want a Job
Jan 18   Please help S and L find adequate and fulfilling jobs. Please bless N and guide her in all her decisions.
Jan 18   Dear God in Jesus name please help me sleep good. Please don t let me get a cold or copd flare up
Jan 18   please lord can you help live in hamilton ontario with a house and a 150 mile tv antenna and a good paying job and i could afford anything i want and need pleas
Jan 18   bruh why abby trippin tho raquel luv her TRU
Jan 18   Hi im isabella (SMS)
Jan 18   I think i have the right phone number (SMS)
Jan 18   Pray stop having hot flashes (SMS)
Jan 18   you are the best
Jan 18   Is this god (SMS)
Jan 18   Please answer my prayers (SMS)
Jan 18   Is this God (SMS)
Jan 18   God (SMS)
Jan 18   I love you (SMS)
Jan 18   Hello (SMS)
Jan 18   Why (SMS)
Jan 18   Pray Nathan ok (SMS)
Jan 18   Johnny Depp! actor! is supporting a convicted satanic child killer! he is his best friend! they got a special secret satanic tattoo.
Jan 18   We need your guidance right now more than anything. Please help us get through this.
Jan 18   Please god help me with all my situations
Jan 18   Please help bless and heal Dad R L S L s mom A s mom me and all suffering people. Please bless N and guide her in all her decisions.
Jan 18   Please bless her and her dad and family. Please help and bless all suffering people.
Jan 18   Pray Nathan don t throw up (SMS)
Jan 18   Thank you for your being here for you god
Jan 18   Dear God in Jesus name please don t let me be sick with any lung issues or other things. Please keep me healthy
Jan 18   Good night god please save me from me from my current situation.
Jan 18   Jesus please take away my fears and worries. I have been suffering this for past one month. Please jesus i can t sleep. Please help me jesus.
Jan 18   Dear god please. miracle free us soonest from admin woman in apt 4 apt 7 apt 10 and apt 8 with all their visible corfruption. mercy miracle please.
Jan 18   many going 2 hell cells! singel reinforced lonely ones! bill & hillery #pizzagate podester brothers! & many more god willing! justice 4 victims of satanic child
Jan 18   Hello (SMS)
Jan 18   Are u there (SMS)
Jan 18   Prsy my home stay warm (SMS)
Jan 18   Pray Heidi eye clear up no redness or pink eye (SMS)
Jan 18   Pray my eye stop bugs me (SMS)
Jan 18   Pray Heidi eye clear up no redness or pink eye Pray my eye stop bugs me (SMS)
Jan 18   Please bless K for helping to convince R to follow the DBA strategy.
Jan 18   God plessage help me god please
Jan 18   umm god can you give me cocaine and some heroin please thank you
Jan 18   Dear God in Jesus name please let all go well tomorrow and my sons landlord meets us on time
Jan 18   Hows it going (SMS)
Jan 18   Hi (SMS)
Jan 18   Pray wall ceiling floor be warm not cold (SMS)
Jan 18   Holy Spirit come in my life today (SMS)
Jan 18   Love Joy Peace Kindness Patience Self control (SMS)
Jan 18   Help me lord watch what I say I pray ya help what my mom say (SMS)
Jan 18   Pleass lord manage judy n heidi mouth (SMS)
Jan 18   I don t want no one intefer with me living here I pray others back off n tell the truth n not lie (SMS)
Jan 18   The Lord will fight for you you need only to be still. Exodus 14 14 (SMS)
Jan 18   Pray my mom (SMS)
Jan 18   Dear Zgod in Jesus name please don t let anything get stolen from us tomorrow.
Jan 18   Was nice to my famil and they talk about me ( what a evil world oh lord
Jan 18   Dear God Please help me find the perfect job.
Jan 18   Hey (SMS)
Jan 18   Dude (SMS)
Jan 18   Prsy my eyes clear up (SMS)
Jan 18   Pray warmth (SMS)
Jan 18   Prsy god goes in my my mom heart n save her (SMS)
Jan 18   Pray more jobs open up on the bus line (SMS)
Jan 18   please heal my daughter and give strength to my husband
Jan 18   I masturbate send me to hell.
Jan 18   God ji Aaaaajoooooo
Jan 18   God ji. .
Jan 18   Things are getting worse and worse how low can I go (SMS)
Jan 18   I know you re going to help me you always do it s the waiting that hurts (SMS)
Jan 18   Ask and it is given (SMS)
Jan 18   Like I said the waiting is the hardest part but thank you (SMS)
Jan 18   Pray landlord fix my bathroom floor (SMS)
Jan 18   Pray the devil leave my mom alone my mom judy is so mean I m scared (SMS)
Jan 18   Pray Judy calm down n carrielyn be good (SMS)
Jan 18   Prsy carrielyn n judy get save (SMS)
Jan 18   Please God give Us good Friends
Jan 18   Hi god I wishiwin things frommyipadkatgr yn ronan
Jan 18   God help me i want to go abroad want to make my life better
Jan 18   God Jesus I bless you I love you please make me fly
Jan 18   Dear God please please please help me to find a job and to be able to do it well. Thank you!
Jan 18   The LORD gives strength to His people the LORD blesses His people with peace. Psalm 29 11 (SMS)
Jan 18   I wish o was wuykk (SMS)
Jan 18   God please bless me with your spirit and give me peace as I struggle with life. Amen.

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