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Jun 23   Dear God please have mercy on me. I beg for your blessings despite of my sins. Please forgive me
Jun 23   i need ur hlp plz hlp me
Jun 23   I am in a to do I am soooooooooooo help me
Jun 23   Dear GOD have mercy on me. i am your son and i am a sinner. but i am have born in a world where sin is as essential to survive as food. i dont want to but i am
Jun 23   God please make everything go smoothly today regarding patrick and his transfer to china so that we can bring john to uae and finish the business. we did every
Jun 23   Pray lord blessed Cecelia fianiCal (SMS)
Jun 23   Wish it stay hot not cold (SMS)
Jun 23   Dear God in Jesus name please help my breathing and coughing be better quickly
Jun 23   pl send angels to help me
Jun 23   Praise the lord brother. plse pray for one my colleague his name is suresh he is suffering from hiv his condition is very bad but also i told about our lord je
Jun 23   God thank you
Jun 23   Prsy no more rain or storm (SMS)
Jun 23   Prsy my feet n legs stop hurting (SMS)
Jun 23   Pray healing for my hands (SMS)
Jun 23   Please help me before i kill myself
Jun 23   dear god please let all off us have a very good sleep and good dreams
Jun 23   Jesus I m all yours use me. Take all I have. I need only God
Jun 23   God pls help me!
Jun 23   Oh GOD please have mercy upon me. . .Ghange my story to testimonies. Please make me whole again. Show me the way concerning Stella Apresai otherwise give me on
Jun 23   Why have u abandoned me
Jun 23   I. love. god (SMS)
Jun 23   i want a good marriage proposal quickly
Jun 23   peace and love on earth
Jun 23   Dear Lord this morning I just want to say thank You for all the blessings in my life .THANK YOU LORD in the name of Jesus
Jun 23   Dear god please be with me and protect me there were i cant speak for myself. i dont want to go back i want to move forward away from this. i need this i need y
Jun 23   God is that you (SMS)
Jun 23   Mms received (SMS)
Jun 23   Hey god (SMS)
Jun 23   Sorry I me pay god (SMS)
Jun 23   Dear god thank you for all your blessings. Please show me that I am still useful in life lord. Thank you.
Jun 23   I love you god
Jun 23   pls bhagvan help karo
Jun 23   Dear god please bless my family and help me with my life and help me with my lack of a relationship
Jun 23   Hello my Lord. I would love to talk to you! Please call me if you can. (SMS)
Jun 23   Dear God please help me get through my anxiety and let me know I m safe in your light. Amen and love you
Jun 22   Dear Lord thank you for this beautiful day my wonderful husband things I need and people around me. In Jesus name. Amen.
Jun 22   lord help me to overcome anxiey and depression
Jun 23   Mm (SMS)
Jun 22   Jesus I need help
Jun 22   hi i love u so so sso so so much
Jun 22   hi i love u so so much u mean the world to me i dont kniw what icould do without u
Jun 22   It s been a stressful day. Let her know that I love her.
Jun 22   dear God your blessings care protection and love is all we need. thank you.
Jun 22   hi god )) (SMS)
Jun 22   Hi god (SMS)
Jun 22   hi god can you make caleb logan alive again because his family miss him and i miss him too
Jun 22   Lord my god my everthying yasaya gudvmoring love u lord lord forgive me for my sins thanks for everthying done in my life begging u hold my hand for ever and ev
Jun 22   Dear my heavenly father im so grateful and bless to have you in my to anoint me with your holy spirit i forever lift your name on high we love y
Jun 22   Dear god love you
Jun 22   Hello There (SMS)
Jun 22   Pray o stop feelin. Sore (SMS)
Jun 22   Pray my back n neck crack (SMS)
Jun 22   Pray I Stop being sore I wish I was workin (SMS)
Jun 22   Dear God thank you for helping me financially. I am grateful.
Jun 22   hey old friend selfishly askibg for some weed again. im bored and it makes the time pass. I also would ask that you watch over my family.
Jun 22   Jesus please help me. Amen
Jun 22   Is my dad Arnold Earl Kaschafsky with you (SMS)
Jun 22   Hey (SMS)
Jun 22   Prayesz feelin. Anxious (SMS)
Jun 22   Prsy it stay hot not cold (SMS)
Jun 22   Lord Help me po Ako. Please Lord. Tulugan nyo po ako Lord. .
Jun 22   Oh lord Jesus I ask with all my heart cool weather phew!
Jun 22   Please god make me healthy
Jun 22   God I wanna go home I wanna hug my kids and see their faces please.
Jun 22   Hello (SMS)
Jun 22   Is it god (SMS)
Jun 22   Pray Judy stop borrow n stealin my stuff without me asking she just steal n take whatever she want (SMS)
Jun 22   Oh God forgive us weaklings but we need you here and always. neighbors continue wickedness quite openly please come soon.
Jun 22   God is this you (SMS)
Jun 22   Reverence for the Lord is the foundation of true wisdom. The rewards of wisdom come to all who obey Him. Praise Him forever. Psalm 111 (SMS)
Jun 22   Wish it was hot not cold or rain (SMS)
Jun 22   Me Leicman i don t want to live. I hate my life
Jun 22   i wonder if i say fu k you god will i get IP banned from this site
Jun 22   Prsy all stomgo away (SMS)
Jun 22   Why am I discouraged Why is my heart so sad I will put my hope in God! I will praise him again my Savior and my God! Psalm 42 11 (SMS)
Jun 22   I hope no more rain or storms (SMS)
Jun 22   God please help me get big welding work and big money Amen please Answer me Lord.
Jun 22   Please God give us lots of money Sami needs lots of money to pay his all loans.
Jun 22   Please God give my daughter good friends
Jun 22   God i am so so scared. .please
Jun 22   God (SMS)
Jun 22   Is this god (SMS)
Jun 22   is this god (SMS)
Jun 22   Mms received (SMS)
Jun 22   God Please Help me Please hold my hand
Jun 22   god help me move some time soon
Jun 22   Please God let me get at least a C minus in the physical chem this summer. i cannot fail.
Jun 22   God namma sala bega terali
Jun 22   Hello i would like to talk to you about some stuff (SMS)
Jun 22   thank you for giving me perfect parents and my own perfect family
Jun 22   Please help me God I am in trouble
Jun 22   Hi god (SMS)
Jun 22   Are u real (SMS)
Jun 22   Thank you for my food. Let it be healthy for my body that we may loose weight and fat. Amen (SMS)
Jun 22   Are you God (SMS)
Jun 22   Can you save the sinned (SMS)
Jun 22   Please god I need to hear from jeni osborn give me sign that she ll either come back after I move or that she s marrying josh please I need something I m dying
Jun 22   Hello God. Can u tell me why u make in this beautiful world so much bad and stupid people It hurts to live here because of them .
Jun 22   Jesus please send my life to me. I am waiting for that for a long time. I am in darkness. Please lighten me with your presence and love. Never leave me alone. a

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